About Us

Nifnex is in the business of creating smart business connections and building sustainable business communities globally of like minded and heart centered business people.

Our passion is to help small businesses succeed. Over the years, we found 5 things that every small business owner needs, which sets them apart and establishes them as the leader in their industry.

Leads, Contacts, Education, Publicity and Empowerment.

Influential100 Awards is one of the 5 services that Nifnex offers and is an Empowerment platform for small business globally.

Nifnex also runs a Success Academy, Business Expos, Business Newspaper and various business networking events which fulfil the 5 needs that small businesses have.


Zeeshan Pasha

Founder / CEO Nifnex Influential 100 Awards

Zeeshan Pasha is the founding CEO of Nifnex based in Perth; Australia and a personal branding ambassador with a strong focus on strategy and marketing. A heart centered entrepreneur has a global vision to empower the small business community globally though the Influential 100 Awards which is estimated to impact over 11,000 entrepreneurs in 22 Cities globally with a million of their friends, family, staff and peers collectively in 22 Weeks.

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