About the Awards

Each year the Awards seek out and highlight those outstanding individuals in the business community who use their influence and connections for the benefit of small business owners in their business community. These people use their expertise, contacts, skills and time all for the greater good.

The aim of the awards is to:
• Recognise hard working, dedicated entrepreneurs
• Empower small business owners around the world
• Promote sponsors as corporate citizens helping small business owners survive and flourish.

These special individuals need to be recognised for who they are and what they do to assist others.

Nifnex Influential 100 Awards was started for just that reason and now in its forth year, recognises individuals in the local business community who are well connected and use their connections & influence for the greater good by helping others, transforming other’s lives and businesses in any way they can.

Empowering small businesses globally is our mission and Nifnex has launched the awards in 22 cities and estimated to impact over 11,000  entrepreneurs who are enriching the world, working for the betterment of the entrepreneurial community, assisting each other with their contacts and expertise.  and  who will be nominated by their peers with

Nominations are opening soon in 22 Cities Globally and will receive overall support from over a million of their friends, family, staff and associates.

If you wish to show your support and receive more info about nominations or be involved in any of the 22 cities as an event partner or city sponsor and empower your local business community, please complete the expression of interest form.
History :

The founder and CEO of Nifnex; Zeeshan Pasha, had a vision to bring the community together.

In 2013, Zeeshan started a facebook campaign in Perth, Australia to identify the most well connected individuals who love helping other small businesses. Although there was no official name for it, it was certainly clear that Nifnex was trying to identify Top 100 Influential in Perth’s small business community. This lead to hundreds of individuals being tagged on the Nifnex page, which then lead to an App being created to narrow the list and within days was converted to an awards event in Feb 2014 at Hyatt. It was a noisy affair with 300 of Perth’s most outgoing, well connected and energetic individuals gathered under one roof.

The awards grew in size, popularity and prestige over the next few years and not only brought the whole business community together but also empowered business people. hence, the empowerment platform has gone global to empower small businesses in 22 cities.


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